GreatWerx Projects Inc.

Jamie from GreatWerx came to us looking to create a brand that would be appealing to a multitude of demographics and also be as fun as possible. We spoke at length about other companies that utilized fun characters in the branding as well as in their marketing and ultimately I was left to task on creating the brand for the re-launch of his company. Good times!!!

The brand came together quickly and after some minor tweaks here and there we put it all together.

Next came getting a business card together as well as a trailer design. His business card started much different than it ended up but in the end I’m super happy with the result.

For the trailer I suggested we utilize a half wrap design with a oversized logo to create a rolling billboard that pulled you in with a bright and colorful display.

I can honestly say you will not miss GreatWerx rolling thru town.